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The sad reality is that over four million dogs are killed each year in shelters. Why, in a country of dog lovers, are so many dogs homeless? Won't you please help us break the cycle...educate, spay and neuter and in the meantime open your heart and your home to foster or adoption.

It is vital to Mutt Madd-ness that we receive support financially, emotionally and in our struggle to see laws passed that protect animals from an end like so many of these experience. If everyone could reach out, even if it is for "JUST ONE DOG", what a different world for God's creatures this would be.


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Pacino | True Mutt | M | 7 weeks (8.15)

This little one was dumped in a parking lot along with a bag of food :(

He's a cutie, the foster said he is very sweet. He is currently being fostered by a family with children and two other dogs.





The Cereals... | Beagle/Chihuahua Mix | Mom 1 | Babies 7 wks

Cocoa Puff is the momma and she is tiny and sweet. She only weighs 15 pounds and loves to be with you. She seems to be a beagle/Chihuahua mix and just over one year old.

She has four little girls, Granola, Honeycomb, Lucky Charms, and Froot Loop and one little boy, Cheerio. When I say little, I mean little. They are nearly seven weeks old and weight about three pounds. Today was their first adventure outside and they couldn't get enough of it. The puppies seem to be a mix of momma and a dachshund perhaps. Cheerio and Granola have shorter legs while the other pups have longer legs.

Mom and son Cheerio below




Daughters Below in order
Froot Loop, Granola & Honeycomb



Denali and Shelby | Lab/Retriever Mix | F | 12 months (8.15)

These sisters are owner turned in - the family had them since puppies and could no longer afford to care for them. These sisters are 2-little-peas-in-a-pod - it's hard to tell them apart. Lovely to look at and just as lovely to spend time with.

They both enjoy baths and to be groomed, both know sit and shake, Shelby loves tummy rubs and Denali loves to carry toys around in her mouth.They are everything you would ever want in a dog - playful, loving, loyal and smart. Did we mention house trained. Perfecto!

They have been together always, but we do not have to adopt as a team. If necessary they both will adjust to a loving family.







8 week old Chihuahuas (8.15)

Just picked up four little ones this afternoon. Meet 2 of them Chip (Chipotle) and Bell (Hmmm?). She's the smaller of the two. They are feeling great and settling in with new foster family - thank you Lynch's! They ate, drank and now are making Mariachi merry!

One more below.. aye aye chihuahua! ChiChi (female).



Below: Chip (M) and Bell


Shelby & Denali | Sisters | Lab Mix | 1 year old

These sisters are owner turned in - the family had them since puppies and could no longer afford to care for them.

They are easy going, get along with anything and everything, are house trained and would just be a perfect family - companion dog to anyone. They have been together always, but we do not have to adopt as a team. If necessary they both will adjust to a loving family.

They both enjoy baths and to be groomed, both know sit and shake, Shelby loves tummy rubs and Denali loves to carry toys around in her mouth.

They are everything you would ever want in a dog - playful, loving, loyal and smart. Did we mention house trained. Perfecto!

Denali (right)

Shelby (below)



Varsity | American Bulldog | F

Can you find anything cuter than this!

Need a face cleaner? This girl is a professional! Varsity is a young American Bull Dog and she is not only a beauty she's a lover. Once you have met her - there will be no other. Promise!

Varsity is a wiggly, clumsy, happy girl. She loves any kind of attention and wants to please. She came to us with severe non-contagious Demodex which is improving quickly with weekly baths and medication. Incredibly potty trained and crate trained.





Mom - Rosé | F | Australian Shepherd

Rescued with her puppies from animal control.

"I have been fostering Rose for the last three weeks or so. She is very sweet, cuddly and affectionate.

She's shy and very calm and laid-back when she's in the house with me. I let her out for about 15 minutes in the backyard in the morning after she has eaten, once or twice in the afternoon and just before bedtime and we have had no problems with house training at all. She does seem to like other dogs, she is good with my large dog who generally leaves stays to himself. She Mostly loves to cuddle with you on the couch. She did not know what car rides were and was fearful at first. She will hop up on the car seat now without any issue so she learns quickly. I crate her at night as part of house training.

She is calm but will run about outside, is eager to please, reacts well to positive training, and is an all around sweetheart."








Mom was rescued from a local shelter (5.9.15) just days before giving birth to this adorable litter (born 5.13).

You can tell by the little fuzz on some of these photos it's hard to keep a Super Hero still. HULK is the last of litter (3 months old) and as the Hulk he is GREEN with envy and a little sad that all his brothers and sisters have been adopted and he is still waiting. Always INCREDIBLE, Hulk is really great at keeping his emotions under control; he does not want to strain or break his collar. From Earth we know the Hulk has genius-level intellect and stamina, durability and endurance. Now he patiently waits for the right companion and when they come - he is going to show them his versatility and what a strong, handsome and loving guy he is.






Roxie | Young Staffie/French Bull dog Mix | F | 1.5-2 years

This sweet little girl came to us from DeKalb Animal Control, she was in pathetic condition. Malnourished with bowed legs and severe demodex. It's amazing what good medical care, food and a lot of love can do. She's a super little girl and will make anyone a fabulous companion.






Albie | 2.75 year old lab/terrier mix | F

Are my eyes open this time?! huh? are they? Ugh, It's so hard to sit still and focus on this lady with the camera when I just want to run and give her kisses!!!! AHHHH take the picture already! Whew! That was fun, now on to playtime!! I guess I should introduce myself, my name is Albie and I am a mix of a southern lady, what with all of my knowledge of which forks and spoons to use for which meal, and also a little bird watching, squirrel chasing tom boy, but mostly I'm the lady part of my mix.

I didn't so much come from a lap of luxury though, I had a rough start, you know, nothing was handed to me, no silver spoon in this mouth, however, I am making up for lost time! Can't hold me down! I had a broken jaw, I won't mention how or why because that part of my life is over I tell ya, but thankfully the rescue came and fixed me right up! Surgery isn't so fun, but the recovery part was cool, people taking care of me, and giving me special treats, yeah I can get used to that, keep that wet food coming! 

Anyway, I am all clean, healthy, healed and ready for my FOREVER home!! I am an active girl but really LOVE my foster people. Love 'em, want to sit right by 'em, can't get close enough, maaayyybe a little lean turns in to me sitting on your foot but who's counting. Okay, so I love other dogs, like literally, I am a dang social butterfly. I like stimulation too, like sitting outside in a big fenced in yard and just watching nature... while secretly trying to learn the squirrel patterns so one day, just ONE day maybe I can catch one… I digress. Back to my forever home! I am house trained and crate trained and really am a good girl that will make a great companion to your family! 



Everyone say Welcome Back Owen! 2014 Version - Bigger (he's put on a few pounds) and better!

Many of you already know Owen and for those that don't -- what's not to love about Owen - if nothing else he proves to all of us that cats are not the only animal with 9 lives. We think Owen has had at least that many.

We gathered Owen (one of our first rescues as an organization) from DeKalb County Animal Control where he was picked up as a stray in 2009 - why? because he has a face you couldn't say no to and he was such a goof ball. He is the Jughead of the Archie comic books fame-- he is Schultz' Pigpen.

He has come back to us twice - his first family had him for two years and for some mysterious reason he kept ending up in North Georgia and his next adopter loves him dearly, he's just a little much for them due to their home situation. People like Owen, if nothing else he is a very likable guy. One of his North Georgia finders commented prior to his returning Owen to us, that "Owen was very gentle and loved to be with people." He loves goofing around and is, for his age, quite playful. He is pretty good on a leash and does know some basic commands, he'll pretend he doesn't.

Health: Owen has always had a deformed foot from an untreated accident as a young lad - we have had him evaluated by orthopedic specialists and he is not up for long walks - but he gets around terrifically on it and it presents no medical issues to him. He can scamper and frolic with the best of them. Approximately 2 years ago Owen developed a gum disease and had to have all but 1-2 of his teeth extracted and last year he had several seizures which have been controlled by medication. Like I said, he's had a lot of lives. We know Owen is not most people's idea of a dream companion, but he is a nice guy. He is very loving and unintentional in his "bull in the china shop" demeanor. We love and care about Owen and his well-being and will never give up on him.

If you would like to meet Owen we are looking for a foster or adopter with a heart as big as his. Call or email Mutt Madd-ness.






Meet Gilda!

This pregnant feral dog was rescued from a DeKalb neighborhood where she had been wandering door-to-door for a very long time. After 2-3 weeks with us she gave birth to 6 adorable little ones.

Gilda is a timid girl, a lab mix and she is not sure of humans. Our foster is working very hard to help her understand and trust human love and care. She is missing her right ear - no one knows where and how. She has spent most of her life just trying to survive. The first photo was taken the day before rescue - she was living with a pack of dogs and this male was her closest companion.

You can see videos of Gilda on our Facebook page! Please visit.

Her pups were very sweet and absolutely as precious as they are of all ALL ADOPTED!




Lexi | Young Adult - Lab Mix | F | Fully Vetted

This dog is AWESOME! She is trained, sweet and looking for a family to love. She is a young beautiful lab mix. She loves to play, take long walks and runs, loves her chewies and toys. She is playful and enjoys the affection of people. She is housetrained and knows some basic commands. If you are looking - she is a great find.

With proper introduction, Lexi has been in several foster homes that had their own pack.


Mousse | Rottie/Hound | 80 pounds

This mommy dog was rescued from Dekalb County Animal Services just hours before she delivered her litter of pups! Mousse is approximately 5 years old.

Mousse is a beautiful dog who has had some professional obedience training. She is a very powerful, intelligent and observant dog with a strong personality, yet she has a very gentle - loving, affectionate side. Firm-but-gentle training is imperative with dogs like Mousse; she needs to understand that you are in charge. She will do best with individuals who are big dog savvy. She needs proper exercise and mental stimulation, including daily walks. A fenced yard would be perfect for her playtime! Mousse is not a dog park dog - but loves outdoor activity and exploring. Mousse needs proper "controlled" socialization with people and other dogs.

If interested, we would love to share her wonderful qualities with you!



Meet Missy! 3 and fully vetted!

This little 3 year old and is very sweet with people and possibly larger dogs – but for some unknown reason she doesn't like cats and children. It could be their stalking behavior she fears - she's just not telling us! Missy doesn't really understand why someone that she thought loved her would just dump her in Linwood Park, but she's heard from other pups in the park that their owners did the same thing. It seems like it's the place to just let dogs go and fend for themselves...she feels very lucky that Carol cared enough to rescue her and find her a new home.

Missy is young and breed energetic girl - so a fenced yard would be just perfect for this little one. She loves walks and runs too, but she sure enjoys keeping that back yard monitored for birds, chipmunks, squirrels and growing weeds. She also LOVES car rides, seeing the world go by at a car's pace is another favorite thing for Missy.

We're not sure what type of dog she is?? The spots look like a Dalmatian but the face is more staffie, she's stocky - blocky and absolutely adorable. If you are interested in meeting the always smiling Missy, please contact Carol (foster mom) at