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MUTT MADD-NESS a 501(c)(3) No-Kill Dog Rescue Serving Our Community | P.O. Box 71821 | Marietta, GA 30007 | 404.406.6322 | HOME

The sad reality is that over four million dogs are killed each year in shelters. Why, in a country of dog lovers, are so many dogs homeless? Won't you please help us break the cycle...educate, spay and neuter and in the meantime open your heart and your home to foster or adoption.

It is vital to Mutt Madd-ness that we receive support financially, emotionally and in our struggle to see laws passed that protect animals from an end like so many of these experience. If everyone could reach out, even if it is for "JUST ONE DOG", what a different world for God's creatures this would be.


If you would like to assist us with our medical emergencies our needs, please consider donating to our ...
this fund is earmarked for medical crises that may arise.

See some of our medical stories here.

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Zuzu and her remaining babies Ziggy (male) and Zane (male).

This beautiful mama dog and her pups were rescued from living in the woods.

We have two of her gorgeous male pups still available and of course mama who needed a little time to recoup. Zuzu is a very affectionate dog with a wonderful temperament. All of them were a little shy, but ONLY because they had been living on their own and trying to survive. Zuzu took exceptional care of all her babies keeping them alive, safe and healthy!




MUFFIN | 6 WEEKS (4.16.16) Female Mixed Breed

Given away this little girl ended up in our rescue. She can be pre-adopted, but we will keep with us for at least two more weeks. Available to go to her new home May 1st.


GREY | 2 year old | Guessed breeds Australian Kelpie & Cattle Dog | F

Mama Grey is a very sweet young lady. She and her babies (adopted) were rescued from a local animal shelter. She gets along well with other dogs, even those who can be temperamental and is great around cats! She walks beautifully on a leash with only an occasional reminder to heel; VERY treat motivated and will be a breeze to train :) She also does well on car rides.

Grey had some agility training and she excelled. She loves the stimulation and the girl that would take her to agility said she was very responsive. She is a working dog - and loves the interaction of humans.



GUEST DOG | LEO | 1 year old

Leo is a one year old lab/mix. He is neutered, micro-chipped and fully vetted. He loves people and loves to run and play with other dogs. He is house trained, very smart and would make someone a great dog!





ADELE | 1 year old | Mutt

We were so elated when we were able to save Adele from a local shelter. She was pregnant and had started delivering at the shelter. She delivered a puppy during transport and once she was in her foster home she delivered 7 more babies, a total of 11. For the first few days the babies seemed fine - we posted adorable photos of mom and babies.
We knew Adele came to us not feeling well, but we were providing her the recommended care she needed to help her and support her babies. Sadly the babies started failing one-by-one. Numerous trips to our vets were made and a necropsy showed the babies suffered from Canine Herpes Virus (CHV), also known as “fading puppy syndrome.” CHV is a viral infection that infects the reproductive organs of adult dogs and while adult dogs usually do not show any symptoms, the infection is the leading cause of death in newborn puppies. As much as we tried, we were unable to save any of her puppies. We are pleased that Adele is feeling better every day and her foster family is providing her with the love and support she needs to move through this trying time.



Just in - 7 little girls. Names and separate photos soon!

Available for pre-adoption. New dogs are quarantined for 10-14 days and we adopt puppies at 8 weeks.


Below: Betty, Edith, Gladys and Mable **ADOPTED **

Right: Dorothy  **ADOPTED **, Edna **ADOPTED **, Flo


Albie | 3 year old lab/border collie mix | F (10.26)

My name is Albie and I recently moved into the Mutt Mansion. I want to introduce myself. Humans call me a lab/border collie mix. They also say that I'm about 4 years old but I still feel like a pup at heart. The Mutt Mansion girls and my trainer like to talk about how smart I am! (they have no idea!!) I can figure out fun doggie puzzle in a second! My favorite thing to do it chew on my Kongs and bones because, as a puppy, I wasn't able to do that....You see, I was found by Mutt Madd-ness after I had been hurt really bad and had a shattered jaw. It was a long time before I was allowed to chew on fun toys. They nursed me back to health and now I am good as new. I'm a long term Mutt Madd-ness resident, but don't take that to mean that I am a bad girl! I was just misunderstood because some times I get so happy that I just don't know what to do with myself! I am actually really well behaved! I don't chew up things, potty inside or act naughty. I get to work with a Super nice trainer every week to work toward what he calls "impulse control", which is really just a fancy way of saying containing my excitement. I'm an A+ student already (probably cuz I'm so smart!) I've attached a selfie so you can see how cute I am!!





Everyone say Welcome Back Owen! 2014 Version - Bigger (he's put on a few pounds) and better!

Many of you already know Owen and for those that don't -- what's not to love about Owen - if nothing else he proves to all of us that cats are not the only animal with 9 lives. We think Owen has had at least that many.

We gathered Owen (one of our first rescues as an organization) from DeKalb County Animal Control where he was picked up as a stray in 2009 - why? because he has a face you couldn't say no to and he was such a goof ball. He is the Jughead of the Archie comic books fame-- he is Schultz' Pigpen.

He has come back to us twice - his first family had him for two years and for some mysterious reason he kept ending up in North Georgia and his next adopter loves him dearly, he's just a little much for them due to their home situation. People like Owen, if nothing else he is a very likable guy. One of his North Georgia finders commented prior to his returning Owen to us, that "Owen was very gentle and loved to be with people." He loves goofing around and is, for his age, quite playful. He is pretty good on a leash and does know some basic commands, he'll pretend he doesn't.

Health: Owen has always had a deformed foot from an untreated accident as a young lad - we have had him evaluated by orthopedic specialists and he is not up for long walks - but he gets around terrifically on it and it presents no medical issues to him. He can scamper and frolic with the best of them. Approximately 2 years ago Owen developed a gum disease and had to have all but 1-2 of his teeth extracted and last year he had several seizures which have been controlled by medication. Like I said, he's had a lot of lives. We know Owen is not most people's idea of a dream companion, but he is a nice guy. He is very loving and unintentional in his "bull in the china shop" demeanor. We love and care about Owen and his well-being and will never give up on him.

If you would like to meet Owen we are looking for a foster or adopter with a heart as big as his. Call or email Mutt Madd-ness.






Meet Gilda!

This pregnant feral dog was rescued from a DeKalb neighborhood where she had been wandering door-to-door for a very long time. After 2-3 weeks with us she gave birth to 6 adorable little ones.

Gilda is a timid girl, a lab mix and she is not sure of humans. Our foster is working very hard to help her understand and trust human love and care. She is missing her right ear - no one knows where and how. She has spent most of her life just trying to survive. The first photo was taken the day before rescue - she was living with a pack of dogs and this male was her closest companion.

You can see videos of Gilda on our Facebook page! Please visit.

Her pups were very sweet and absolutely as precious as they are of all ALL ADOPTED!




Mousse | Rottie/Hound | 80 pounds

This mommy dog was rescued from Dekalb County Animal Services just hours before she delivered her litter of pups! Mousse is approximately 5 years old.

Mousse is a beautiful dog who has had some professional obedience training. She is a very powerful, intelligent and observant dog with a strong personality, yet she has a very gentle - loving, affectionate side. Firm-but-gentle training is imperative with dogs like Mousse; she needs to understand that you are in charge. She will do best with individuals who are big dog savvy. She needs proper exercise and mental stimulation, including daily walks. A fenced yard would be perfect for her playtime! Mousse is not a dog park dog - but loves outdoor activity and exploring. Mousse needs proper "controlled" socialization with people and other dogs.

If interested, we would love to share her wonderful qualities with you!



Meet Missy! 3 and fully vetted!

This little 3 year old and is very sweet with people and possibly larger dogs – but for some unknown reason she doesn't like cats and children. It could be their stalking behavior she fears - she's just not telling us! Missy doesn't really understand why someone that she thought loved her would just dump her in Linwood Park, but she's heard from other pups in the park that their owners did the same thing. It seems like it's the place to just let dogs go and fend for themselves...she feels very lucky that Carol cared enough to rescue her and find her a new home.

Missy is young and breed energetic girl - so a fenced yard would be just perfect for this little one. She loves walks and runs too, but she sure enjoys keeping that back yard monitored for birds, chipmunks, squirrels and growing weeds. She also LOVES car rides, seeing the world go by at a car's pace is another favorite thing for Missy.

We're not sure what type of dog she is?? The spots look like a Dalmatian but the face is more staffie, she's stocky - blocky and absolutely adorable. If you are interested in meeting the always smiling Missy, please contact Carol (foster mom) at