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The sad reality is that over four million dogs are killed each year in shelters. Why, in a country of dog lovers, are so many dogs homeless? Won't you please help us break the cycle...educate, spay and neuter and in the meantime open your heart and your home to foster or adoption.

It is vital to Mutt Madd-ness that we receive support financially, emotionally and in our struggle to see laws passed that protect animals from an end like so many of these experience. If everyone could reach out, even if it is for "JUST ONE DOG", what a different world for God's creatures this would be.


If you would like to assist us with our medical emergencies our needs, please consider donating to our ...
this fund is earmarked for medical crises that may arise.

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Ivan |Hound Mix | Male | 5 Year Old | 45 pounds

Ivan is a young, playful dog. Ivan is very sociable and loves interacting with other dogs and with people.

Ivan would love an active outdoor partner - he thinks walks, runs, hikes and camping are pretty great things.


Notes from a foster

I want to thank you for suggesting that I foster Ivan. He is a love.
Truly. He has only been with me since Tuesday, and he has already settled in nicely. He is a wonderful house dog. And Girl, for me to say that is something. Just poll my friends. I am very particular about my house being clean and orderly and I wondered how Ivan would adapt to that, but I have to say, I have not had to make any corrections with the exception of trying to sleep with me at night. I corrected him the first night and he has been fine thereafter.

I told you about coming home one afternoon to find him on my bed sound asleep with the TV on (I had forgotten to turn it off when I left I guess.) It just warmed my heart that he felt comfortable enough to take a well-deserved snooze on my bed. Since I don't care if he naps on my bed and he knows not to get onto the bed at night, all is perfect as far as I am concerned.

Ivan is quite the comic as well. At least he makes me laugh. He is so full of joy and is so very playful. I like how when he is playing with some toys and seems to have so much fun with them, he comes into my office to share his fun. Since he has been with me, his walking has improved greatly. He doesn't pull nearly as much. The Easy walk collar is used on long morning walks, but I now attach the leash to his normal collar. I suppose the harness is a reminder that he needs to stop pulling and enjoy the walk.

We are also enjoying running through the backyard. Ivan runs back and forth with a tennis ball in his mouth and I try to catch him! Since he is quite the athlete, I can only manage to tap his back as he races by me. Now that he has been with me he seems to have his own built in barometer for knowing when he has had enough and settles down with a cold drink of water and a quick nap.

Now that Ivan has a landing pad, he seems much calmer. I think he would actually do well at adoptions eventually. I just need to get him to be around a few of the neighbor kids to see how he reacts toward them.

For the longest time I have wanted to foster dogs in need, and I wondered how I would be able to let them go to another family. Time will tell how well I will adjust. Ivan is a true love. I love having him around.  Julie

Ivan is housetrained and fully vetted.


Hi everyone it's me Scarlett Grace...

From foster mom "the vet said she is a 6 week old lab mix I found her and her brother on a lake bank in South Georgia, because of their young age and inability to swim I felt the need to save them. Her brother found a home but this loving and beautiful baby has not. She is so sweet and lovable. She is the smartest puppy I have ever been exposed to. Scarlett knows how to sit, whines when she needs to go outside to potty, sleeps well in her basket at night, and loves to eat. She is what everyone should dream for in a puppy. She loves to cuddle and give kisses, loves attention from anyone but knows who her mama is and follows me around everywhere. The vet gave Scarlett her first round of puppy shots on October 3rd."

If you are feeling the grace and spirit of Scarlet Grace, please contact Mutt Madd-ness!











Clementine & Berry | Dachshund/Lab Mix & babies

The pups birthday was July 2, 2014!

Meet Kiwi and her basket of fruit. Kiwi came to us six weeks ago when her babies were less than a day old. They are growing big and strong and are having fun exploring outside. Kiwi is only 22 pounds has the body style of a dachshund. She is the sweetest dog - she loves to play with other dogs, is house trained, and just likes to be near you. The fruit basket pups are very sweet and playful.

Below is Mom-Kiwi **ADOPTED** and in order Berry (the lone male) and Clementine are our two remaining puppies!




Meet Chance!

Hi! My name is Chance. I had another name, but I think I like this one better! A lady found me in a local park. I don't know what I was doing there. I was alone and scared. Then along came this lady who took me home! When I first got here, I was very quiet. I didn't even bark at the cat they have. They also have a little dog. The little dog doesn't seem to like me much. I think he's jealous. He barks at me sometimes, but I just walk away. I barked at the cat once, but the lady told me to be polite and leave her alone. So, I do. The lady took me to the vet. The vet says I weigh 53 pounds. I don't know my birthday, but the vet thinks I'm no older than 2 years old. She gave me all my vaccinations and also ran some tests. I had a low-positive heartworm test, but to look at me you'd think I was healthy as can be! The vet gave me two painful shots and let me sleepover. The next day, the lady came to pick me up and took me back to her house. I am supposed to be quiet for a few weeks so the heartworm medicine can work. I cooperate and rest a lot. After the heartworm medicine finishes doing its job, I am going to have an operation called 'neutering'. Not sure what that is, do you? The lady is also giving me monthly heartworm and flea preventative so I stay healthy! The lady says there are no fleas on me, so that's a good thing. I love to go outside and for car rides. I even figured out how to go out the little dog's doggie door. I scraped my back the first time I tried it. But, I'm pretty smart and figured out how to go real slow so I don't scrape my back anymore! In the backyard, I don't chase squirrels. Just not worth it. I made friends with the dogs on either side of the lady's house. I wag my tail to say hello. Barking to say hello, like the little dog does, is just plain rude. I already knew how to sit. The lady is teaching me to stay and it's not so horrible...especially when she releases me. I am learning to shake and lie down, too. I am very smart and love to please the lady so I will learn as much as I can as fast as I can. The lady feeds me really good kibble and I show her how much I appreciate it by licking the bowl clean. One time, she stuck her hand in my bowl and messed with my kibble. I have no idea what she was doing, so I just ate around her. I love to drink water, but I do not drink out of the toilet (like the little dog does) as that's disgusting. At night, I sleep in a crate in the lady's room. I go right in and curl up and go to sleep. The little dog sleeps on the lady's bed. He's lucky, but I like the crate just fine! In the morning, I wait patiently and quietly until the lady lets me out. Then I go outside to, you know, take care of business and then I have breakfast. Yesterday, the lady left for a little while. I went in the crate and I barked a little, but then I settled down and I waited in the crate quietly until she came back. I don't really like to play with toys or chase balls. What I like is to be with people. Even if I'm just in the same room taking a nap, it makes me happy. I get really happy when I see the harness and leash come out. The lady bought them for me and also bought me a really cool collar. I can't wait to take walks, after I'm done with my 'quiet period'! The lady says I can't stay with her forever and I think I understand. She is trying to find me a family that will love me as much as I will love them. I have lots and lots of love to give ... but I do not give slobbery kisses (like the little dog)! I will just wag my tail and worship you with my eyes! Please let the lady know if you want to meet me.


770-448-1583 h

404-387-9187 c/w



Roxie | Young Staffie/French Bull dog Mix | F - Small! | 1.5-2 years

This sweet little girl came to us from DeKalb Animal Control, she was in pathetic condition. Malnourished with bowed legs and severe demodex. It's amazing what good medical care, food and a lot of love can do. She's a super little girl and will make anyone a fabulous companion.






Rocky | Young Pit Bull Mix | M

How can you say no to this face! Nicest guy ever!
Meet Rocky, this adorable guy found himself lost, but fortunately ended up at the home of a dog lover. Checked by the vet - this healthy pup had no microchip and no collar. 

He is currently hanging around with the Good Samaritan's two dogs and two rough housing young boys! He has shown no interest in the family cats and has shown no aggression at all -- he loves everything and everyone. He is just the perfect little house guest and gentleman. He's young, handsome, and did we mention has a fantastic build. He is fully vetted. 




Albie | 2.75 year old lab/terrier mix | F

Are my eyes open this time?! huh? are they? Ugh, It's so hard to sit still and focus on this lady with the camera when I just want to run and give her kisses!!!! AHHHH take the picture already! Whew! That was fun, now on to playtime!! I guess I should introduce myself, my name is Albie and I am a mix of a southern lady, what with all of my knowledge of which forks and spoons to use for which meal, and also a little bird watching, squirrel chasing tom boy, but mostly I'm the lady part of my mix.

I didn't so much come from a lap of luxury though, I had a rough start, you know, nothing was handed to me, no silver spoon in this mouth, however, I am making up for lost time! Can't hold me down! I had a broken jaw, I won't mention how or why because that part of my life is over I tell ya, but thankfully the rescue came and fixed me right up! Surgery isn't so fun, but the recovery part was cool, people taking care of me, and giving me special treats, yeah I can get used to that, keep that wet food coming! 

Anyway, I am all clean, healthy, healed and ready for my FOREVER home!! I am an active girl but really LOVE my foster people. Love 'em, want to sit right by 'em, can't get close enough, maaayyybe a little lean turns in to me sitting on your foot but who's counting. Okay, so I love other dogs, like literally, I am a dang social butterfly. I like stimulation too, like sitting outside in a big fenced in yard and just watching nature... while secretly trying to learn the squirrel patterns so one day, just ONE day maybe I can catch one I digress. Back to my forever home! I am house trained and crate trained and really am a good girl that will make a great companion to your family! 



Ursula |

Meet Ursula 
6 years young and a beautiful boxer/American bull dog mix

Im a real charmer which is why I was rescued from Cobb County Animal Control I have a face you cannot resist! At the time Mutt Madd-ness rescued me I was extremely underweight and had an upper respiratory infection, but they did a great job treating and fattening me up ! Now I am looking for a family that will provide me with a home where I can play, run, love, cuddle and relax in. You see I love, love, love people any age, any size, any type. I will wiggle my tush like crazy to get as close to you as I can because you know what I said, I love being loved!

I have to admit thisthe only thing that I do not love is other animals I want to be your one and only your Queen Bee. If a one dog household is perfect for you it is perfect for me! 

Give me a call and lets see if we can work out the details. Id love to be settled on your sofa in time for the next ball game you see, I am a team player and look forward to joining your team!

For a good time call for Ursula at 404.406.6322
Ursula is fully vetted, spayed and micro-chipped.






Meet KAYAK | SPANIEL MIX | F |2.5 years

Hi! I'm Kayak! I'm a 2-3 y/o Pointer mix, female, and I got separated from my owners and this nice family picked me up and is watching me. But I can't stay here forever. I'm super sweet and get along with the two dogs I'm living with for now. I love to play ball and go for walks. And I love to chase squirrels. and I only go potty outside! But I also enjoy a good cool floor to rest on and snuggling with people. I love doing anything with people really! I even get in a crate when asked. I listen, I can sit, and the vet says I'm healthy. I love treats, ice cubes, and I'll even sit in your lap if you let me. Weighing in at 50 pounds I'm good medium-sized dog for a family. Pick me! Pick me!





Meet Fairmont | Rottweiler Mix Mom

8 puppies and sweet mom! Collected from Coweta County Animal control.

Fairmont was a wonderful mom and a beautiful girl. Loyal, loving and playful - what else could you possibly need or want!








Meet Gilda!

This pregnant feral dog was rescued from a DeKalb neighborhood where she had been wandering door-to-door for a very long time. After 2-3 weeks with us she gave birth to 6 adorable little ones.

Gilda is a timid girl, a lab mix and she is not sure of humans. Our foster is working very hard to help her understand and trust human love and care. She is missing her right ear - no one knows where and how. She has spent most of her life just trying to survive. The first photo was taken the day before rescue - she was living with a pack of dogs and this male was her closest companion.

You can see videos of Gilda on our Facebook page! Please visit.

Her pups were very sweet and absolutely as precious as they are of all ALL ADOPTED!




Meet Lola | 12 months 7.4.13) | Boxer Mix
This pretty little female was found by a good Samaritan roaming around and was very malnourished. She checked out perfectly at the vet. The vet said she will not get much bigger than her current size. She is fully vetted, spayed and micro-chipped.

She loves other dogs and is housebroken. She is very sweet and will cuddle up with you on the bed at night to sleep. She even walks off leash and never runs away. Plays all day in play day - a true sweetheart of a dog!


Lexi | Young Adult - Lab Mix | F | Fully Vetted

This dog is AWESOME! She is trained, sweet and looking for a family to love. She is a young beautiful lab mix. She loves to play, take long walks and runs, loves her chewies and toys. She is playful and enjoys the affection of people. She is housetrained and knows some basic commands. If you are looking - she is a great find.

With proper introduction, Lexi has been in several foster homes that had their own pack.


Mousse | Rottie/Hound | 80 pounds

This mommy dog was rescued from Dekalb County Animal Services just hours before she delivered her litter of pups! Mousse is approximately 5 years old.

Mousse is a beautiful dog who has had some professional obedience training. She is a very powerful, intelligent and observant dog with a strong personality, yet she has a very gentle - loving, affectionate side. Firm-but-gentle training is imperative with dogs like Mousse; she needs to understand that you are in charge. She will do best with individuals who are big dog savvy. She needs proper exercise and mental stimulation, including daily walks. A fenced yard would be perfect for her playtime! Mousse is not a dog park dog - but loves outdoor activity and exploring. Mousse needs proper "controlled" socialization with people and other dogs.

If interested, we would love to share her wonderful qualities with you!


Meet Missy! 3 and fully vetted!

This little 3 year old and is very sweet with people and possibly larger dogs but for some unknown reason she doesn't like cats and children. It could be their stalking behavior she fears - she's just not telling us! Missy doesn't really understand why someone that she thought loved her would just dump her in Linwood Park, but she's heard from other pups in the park that their owners did the same thing. It seems like it's the place to just let dogs go and fend for themselves...she feels very lucky that Carol cared enough to rescue her and find her a new home.

Missy is young and breed energetic girl - so a fenced yard would be just perfect for this little one. She loves walks and runs too, but she sure enjoys keeping that back yard monitored for birds, chipmunks, squirrels and growing weeds. She also LOVES car rides, seeing the world go by at a car's pace is another favorite thing for Missy.

We're not sure what type of dog she is?? The spots look like a Dalmatian but the face is more staffie, she's stocky - blocky and absolutely adorable. If you are interested in meeting the always smiling Missy, please contact Carol (foster mom) at