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The sad reality is that over four million dogs are killed each year in shelters. Why, in a country of dog lovers, are so many dogs homeless? Won't you please help us break the cycle...educate, spay and neuter and in the meantime open your heart and your home to foster or adoption.

It is vital to Mutt Madd-ness that we receive support financially, emotionally and in our struggle to see laws passed that protect animals from an end like so many of these experience. If everyone could reach out, even if it is for "JUST ONE DOG", what a different world for God's creatures this would be.


If you would like to assist us with our medical emergencies our needs, please consider donating to our ...
this fund is earmarked for medical crises that may arise.

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Leo (nee Desi) has found himself needing a new home. His mom has had a life change and cannot keep him in her new shared living situation. Leo turned four (4) this past summer. He is a healthy, happy guy that needs someone to give him a break - this time forever. Leo is timid and needs a dog comfortable home.

Leo is approximately 50 pounds of love! Fully vetted, neutered and micro-chipped.





Meet Noah | Mini-Pin / Chihuahua Mix | M

Upon returning from this afternoon's (4.13.14) errand run a neighbor approached me about Noah. Her ex passed away on Friday and no family members wanted this little boy. I went over and met Noah and my initial response is - he's adorable. VERY affectionate and sweet and the best part, it appears he's house trained! I am asking for help in finding a foster and/or finding a forever home for this little boy. He has a little tartar on his teeth - so he could be a few years old, don't really know. He is active and playful. Not a barker and seems to be fine with her elder dog. He has not been neutered, that will happen sooner than later. He's pretty lightweight-maybe 10-11 pounds.




Gilda and her Litter (6)

This pregnant feral dog was rescued from a DeKalb neighborhood where she had been wandering door-to-door for a very long time. After 2-3 weeks with us she gave birth to 6 adorable little ones.

Gilda is a timid girl, a lab mix and she is not sure of humans. Our foster is working very hard to help her understand and trust human love and care. She is missing her right ear - no one knows where and how. She has spent most of her life just trying to survive. The first photo was taken the day before rescue - she was living with a pack of dogs and this male was her closest companion.

The pups are very sweet and absolutely as precious as they are cute. Meet our little 6 week old comedians; one girl Ellen.

Right: Gilda, Gilda, Fallon, (Kimmel and Stewart **adopted**)

Below: Carrell, Colbert and Ellen (F)



Hi I'm Tegan. 4 years old | American Bull Dog / Pit Bull Mix | F

I've been a super dog, I've done everything I was asked to do and more, but for some reason the families that pick me have these life changes that don't include me.

I'm one of the sweetest dogs you'll ever meet. I love to snuggle on the couch, burrow at your feet in bed and run around when it's time to play fetch! Did somebody say "ball?" As you can see, I am white all over except for a brown spot on my tuchus and freckles on my nose. I LOVE people tall and smallókids are just the right height for me to shower with kisses. I also LOVE hanging out with other dogs. I've spent a lot of time socializing with all kinds (and sizes) of dogs at day care and dog parks.

I'm almost 4 and still have some puppy energy, but a little play time outside leaves me happy and ready for some serious nap time. My vet would like you to know I'm spayed, on heart worm prevention and current on my vaccinations and weigh 50lbs. I do have some skin allergies, but my special shampoo and spray keep me looking and feeling (and smelling) great! I live inside the house with my family, but go to the bathroom outside like I'm supposed to. I also have my own cozy crate where I hang out when I'm home by myself. But life's more fun when we're together. Let's get started on that adventure together.





Emory | 1.5 year old American Pit bull Mix | F

Emory came to us from a local animal shelter - she was pregnant and needing rescue. After a vet examination it was determined that she required an emergency C-section - unfortunately, she had no live births. Now back to normal health and all prettied up - she is a delight.

Emory is super playful and loves lots of hugs. She is the perfect size dog - not too big and not too small - the type that fits perfectly on the sofa next to you!

Interested in more information about this cute girl - please contact Mutt Madd-ness!


Three Super Girls...Pretty, Smart and Playful
Shepherd-Lab-Everything Mix | 3 months (3.3.14)

This group of girls are a ton of fun. Puppy playful and each with their own quirky little personality. They all love to play hard, collect their hugs and kisses and hop in for a nap.


Right: Sasha (top) ** Adopted ** and Ludmina

Below: Sochi


Lily | 2 years | F | Lab/Hound Mix

Meet Lily!

This adorable 2 year old 40# lab/hound mix just got her groove thing back! She has been fostered by a Mutt Madd-ness adopter who cared for her during her heartworm treatment. Now that that's behind her she ready for her new family and a fun-filled dog's life.

Lily has been working very hard with her foster to become a Southern gentle lady - she is house trained, crate trained, walks beautifully on a leash and is well mannered with all of her dog friends. Also, as a lady - she does not like to potty while being leash walked, but loves a fenced yard to take care of these personal matters. However, we don't want to rule out any potential adopters, so we think - if patient - she could potentially learn to potty while being walked.

The foster says she's a real sweetheart - the perfect family companion.If you would like to meet this young lady, please contact us.

Lily has been spayed and is fully vetted.





London | 1.5-2 years old (2.22.14) Rottweiler | F

This beautiful girl was retrieved from Clayton County Animal Control - she and her buddy a male intact Rottweiler came in together - she was near full gestation. We got momma out in the nick of time - she delivered in 48 hours. Unfortunately she had a upper respiratory illness which led to pneumonia - so we had to remove the babies in order to get her better. She was immediately placed on antibiotics and had a very quick turn-around.

London is a delight, she's smart, pretty and sweet as can be. Our vets think she may be a pure Rottweiler and not a mix, but without doing a DNA test we're not certain. The one thing we are certain about is - she is fabulous. We all have grown very fond of her.

She will make a wonderful family dog.

She will be spayed and chipped. Fully vetted, some has not been done due to illness and her giving birth just 5 weeks ago (input 2/27/14).




Henrik| 14 months 2.1.14 | Neutered | Pit mix

Sweet little Pickles came back after becoming a burden on his adopter... :(

"Unfortunately I need to surrender my young dog! The reason I need to surrender him is due to my current roommate and schooling situation. He needs more attention than I can currently provide."

Pickles is now about 14 months old and around 40lbs. He was re-named Henrik. He's a lovable, social, puppy-energetic dog who loves people and absolutely loves to cuddle. He is neutered and chipped and he is house-trained for the most part. He is also great with other dogs.

Pickles is an awesome little boy - we loved him then and we love him now. Help us find him his forever home!





Ursula | 6 year old American Bulldog Mix | F

This gorgeous girl was rescued from Cobb County Animal control, she is sugar sweet.

She was extremely underweight and had a terrible upper respiratory infection. Treated and fattened - she is getting to that place where is feeling much better and you see it in her playful actions.

Ursula loves affection, goes outside to potty and is a wonderful dog.






Meet Lola | 12 months 7.4.13) | Boxer Mix
This pretty little female was found by a good Samaritan roaming around and was very malnourished. She checked out perfectly at the vet. The vet said she will not get much bigger than her current size. She is fully vetted, spayed and micro-chipped.

She loves other dogs and is housebroken. She is very sweet and will cuddle up with you on the bed at night to sleep. She even walks off leash and never runs away. Plays all day in play day - a true sweetheart of a dog!


Lexi | Young Adult - Lab Mix | F | Fully Vetted

This dog is AWESOME! She is trained, sweet and looking for a family to love. She is a young beautiful lab mix. She loves to play, take long walks and runs, loves her chewies and toys. She is playful and enjoys the affection of people. She is housetrained and knows some basic commands. If you are looking - she is a great find.

With proper introduction, Lexi has been in several foster homes that had their own pack.


Ivan |Hound Mix | Male | 4.5 Year Old | 45 pounds

Ivan is a young, playful dog. Ivan is very sociable and loves interacting with other dogs and with people.

Ivan would love an active outdoor partner - he thinks walks, runs, hikes and camping are pretty great things.

Ivan UPDATE (May 2013)

Notes from a foster

I want to thank you for suggesting that I foster Ivan. He is a love.
Truly. He has only been with me since Tuesday, and he has already settled in nicely. He is a wonderful house dog. And Girl, for me to say that is something. Just poll my friends. I am very particular about my house being clean and orderly and I wondered how Ivan would adapt to that, but I have to say, I have not had to make any corrections with the exception of trying to sleep with me at night. I corrected him the first night and he has been fine thereafter.

I told you about coming home one afternoon to find him on my bed sound asleep with the TV on (I had forgotten to turn it off when I left I guess.) It just warmed my heart that he felt comfortable enough to take a well-deserved snooze on my bed. Since I don't care if he naps on my bed and he knows not to get onto the bed at night, all is perfect as far as I am concerned.

Ivan is quite the comic as well. At least he makes me laugh. He is so full of joy and is so very playful. I like how when he is playing with some toys and seems to have so much fun with them, he comes into my office to share his fun. Since he has been with me, his walking has improved greatly. He doesn't pull nearly as much. The Easy walk collar is used on long morning walks, but I now attach the leash to his normal collar. I suppose the harness is a reminder that he needs to stop pulling and enjoy the walk.

We are also enjoying running through the backyard. Ivan runs back and forth with a tennis ball in his mouth and I try to catch him! Since he is quite the athlete, I can only manage to tap his back as he races by me. Now that he has been with me he seems to have his own built in barometer for knowing when he has had enough and settles down with a cold drink of water and a quick nap.

Now that Ivan has a landing pad, he seems much calmer. I think he would actually do well at adoptions eventually. I just need to get him to be around a few of the neighbor kids to see how he reacts toward them.

For the longest time I have wanted to foster dogs in need, and I wondered how I would be able to let them go to another family. Time will tell how well I will adjust. Ivan is a true love. I love having him around.  Julie

Ivan is housetrained and fully vetted.


Mousse | Rottie/Hound | 80 pounds

This mommy dog was rescued from Dekalb County Animal Services just hours before she delivered her litter of pups! Mousse is approximately 5 years old.

Mousse is a beautiful dog who has had some professional obedience training. She is a very powerful, intelligent and observant dog with a strong personality, yet she has a very gentle - loving, affectionate side. Firm-but-gentle training is imperative with dogs like Mousse; she needs to understand that you are in charge. She will do best with individuals who are big dog savvy. She needs proper exercise and mental stimulation, including daily walks. A fenced yard would be perfect for her playtime! Mousse is not a dog park dog - but loves outdoor activity and exploring. Mousse needs proper "controlled" socialization with people and other dogs.

If interested, we would love to share her wonderful qualities with you!


Brad Pitt | 3 years old | 45 pounds | will be fully vetted!

These very special people took the time to care for this dog in distress, see his story below, they have asked us for assistance in trying to place him - we are asking all of you to also help - he deserves a family that loves him.
This beautiful boy found his way to our house on January 9th , disappeared for a day and then reappeared. Abandoned dogs in our rural area are a common occurrence, and it quickly became obvious that was what had happened to him. In questioning a neighbor, I found out this dog had been seen about a week earlier roaming around.

Two days later we found him unable to use his hind leg. A veterinarian confirmed he had been shot with buck shot. X-rays showed no permanent damage and he is currently healing. Brad is scheduled to be neutered, micro-chipped and heartworm tested on 1/30/14.

We would like to find a good forever home for him. Here is what I have learned about him:

1) He is very sweet and shows no signs of having been abused or mistreated. I suppose someone just decided they didnít want him anymore and relinquished their responsibility in a poor manner.
2) He is very good with our 10-year-old dog. We donít have a cat, so I donít know how he is with them.
3) The veterinarian has said this boy is exceptionally good natured.
4) He learns very quickly and loves to be loved on!




Meet Jazz!

The beautiful lady in red is Jazz, a 3 year old, fawn colored girl who loves car rides, walks and sitting in laps. She has no idea she weighs 63 pounds! Jazz is looking for a forever home because she was abandoned when her family moved and left her in an outdoor pen. Jazz is so sweet and only wants to please her human companions. She is current on shots, altered and is on HW prevention meds. Jazz is best suited in a home with older children and will do best as an only dog or with a large male dog. She is more interested in being with people than with other animals.


For more information, please email