Fosters play one of the most significant roles with Mutt Madd-ness. We do not have a facility so it’s because of our amazing fosters we can save dogs and provide them with a safe place to stay.

Fostering is about taking a dog into your home during their time of need, nursing them back to health, removing the pain of their past, loving, teaching, and guiding them…and then sending them off to live the life they deserve. Fostering is about giving a dog the one thing they’ve never had… hope. And with the simple act of opening up your home and heart to them, YOU are able to grant their one wish. YOU are able to make their dreams come true. YOU are able to save their life!

We look to you to help socialize, possibly teach a command or two, help with potty training and give lots and lots of love! To have our dogs fostered by caring families makes them that much more adoptable.

Please read this page in its entirety before submitting your application to make sure being a Mutt Madd-ness foster is the right fit for you. If you would like to be a part of the Mutt Madd-ness family, please fill out our online application. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. A Mutt Madd-ness volunteer will respond to you as quickly as possible.

There is no exact art or science to fostering – our foster needs are constantly shifting. Much of what we do is based on what our fosters can do or want to take on. We take into consideration lifestyle, other family pets, children in household, fenced or non-fenced yards, working full time or home most of the time – this is done to meet your needs as well as the needs of specific dogs needing a foster. Foster families are provided with everything they need to make fostering as comfortable as possible. Fosters nurture the dogs in their care to make them the most adoptable they can. That means socializing, interacting with, walking on leash, basic commands like sit, down, etc. Most importantly they teach them the love of a family so they can learn to love back – that’s usually the easy part.

Time that fosters have a dog varies – some are adopted right away, some take a little while. If a dog becomes longer term than hoped -we work with fosters needs be it vacation, etc., any scheduling issues that may come into play. If homes are without pets we like to keep our puppies in a group of at least two. Puppies do better having another pup for socialization and your sanity…they get lonely. It truly is one of the most rewarding things an individual or a family can do – there are so many dogs in need and seeing them strong, healthy & happy enough to go to a fabulous family is wonderful!

Key Contacts

Toni Fagan, Foster Coordinator |
Barbara McRee, President | 404-406-6322 |
Stephanie Teach, Board | 404-290-3406 |
Becky Williams | Medical database / Spay & Neuter / Microchip |
Karen Tucker, Board | Web site / Marketing |