There are many ways for your company to enhance its community visibility and brand positioning by affiliating your organization with Mutt Madd-ness. For additional information or to discuss sponsorship opportunities, please contact Barbara Blaine McRee at 404.406.6322 or email

Host Your Own Benefit Event
No one knows the corporate culture better than its employees. Planning a benefit event allows a company the freedom to reflect that culture and directly support Mutt Madd-ness programs.

Promote Mutt Madd-ness in Company E-mails, Newsletters and Bulletins
Spreading the word about MM’s good work can be as easy as a mention in your corporate publications. Companies use employee newsletters to highlight our work, upcoming events and unique programs.

Encourage Employee Involvement
The community service of employees enriches not only staff but also appeals to discerning customers. Many companies make it easy for employees to become involved in the community. These companies conduct Employee Giving Campaigns, which are held on-site and give employees a chance to discover first-hand about MM’s volunteer and donation opportunities. Mutt Madd-ness can assist companies in setting up a charitable campaign.

Benefits of Partnering with Mutt Madd-ness

  • Companies benefit from association with a non-profit organization.
  • MM’s Programs serve a variety of community outreach projects that will appeal to customers, clients and employee needs.
  • Increase company exposure in print and media, banner signage and event program acknowledgment.
  • Show community support with the common goal of bringing people and animals together to enrich each other’s lives.
  • MM’s events provide excellent opportunities to show customer, client and employee appreciation.
  • Monetary service and product donations are tax deductible.